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legally for 18 more months. but any haitian who tries to enter the united states after the earthquake will be sent home no matter how desperate the situation back there might be. >> thank you. to help victim of the earthquake visit, you can access links to donate to the recovery efforts. the pentagon says the warning signs leading up to the fort hood massacre were missed and ignored. up next, huge political stakes in the next week massachusetts senate massachusetts senate elect ♪ singer:hen you're a rock star you get to party hard ♪ ♪ champagne and caviar ♪ tricked-out exotic cars ♪ it's just how i thought it'd be ♪ ♪ 'cept the party's not for me ♪ ♪ 'cause some punk opened a credit card with my id ♪ ♪ free what? (free credit!) report dot com ♪ ♪ that's the site i'm gonna hit when i go home ♪ ♪ they know how credit works ♪ they send email alerts ♪ now i'm finding out how bad reality hurts ♪ legal vo: offer applies with enrollment in triple advantage two to five times more polluted than the air outside. smoke, germs
. >> the people of haiti will have the full support of the united states in the urgent effort to rescue those trapped beneath the rubble. and to deliver the humanitarian relief, the food, water, and medicine that haitians will need in the coming days. >> by dawn, the president received three briefings on the earthquake. by mid-morning he placed coordination for relief efforts the head of the u.s. agency for international development. >> it's a significant effort and we're committed to doing everything we can. >> with the government buildings in haiti destroyed and a frantic search for survivors underway, the u.s. accounted for all 172 embassy employees. eight americans were wounded, four critically, who are now receiving treatment after being airlifted off the island. the next task assess the needs of 45,000 u.s. citizens living and working in haiti. the damage assessment teams and rescue squads arrived late today. the immediate u.s. goals reopen the airport and the ports vital to moving supplies in and refugees out. in a phone interview with fox, humanitarian aid worker described the quake's
of representing the people of connecticut and the united states congress, will not be a candidate for re-election. >> reporter: senator dodd's decision comes as one-third nutmeg state voters would back him, largely because of controversy over the financial dealings. critics claim he got two preferential mortgages from countrywide financial but he denied the special treatment. and voters were angered by the stimulus bill that helped aig executives get millions in bonus. he received more campaign contributions from aig than any other politicians. he alluded to it only briefly. >> there are some of you questioning my confidence. i regret that. >> reporter: the state's popular attorney general richard blumenthal announced he is running for dodd's seat. >> i look forward to being an advocate and fighter of the united states senator. much as i have been at attorney general. >> simmons was leading dodd in the polls and linda mcmahon has vowed to spend $30 million on the race. state republicans say dodd lost touch. >> he lost the trust of the connecticut voters. >> well dodd says he will continu
of the president of the united states faithfully. >> that i will execuexecute -- >> faithfully execute -- execute the office faithfully. >> preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. >> preserve, protect and defend the constitution of the united states. >> so help you god? >> so help me god. >> congratulations, mr. president. [ applause ] >> bret: on january 20, 2009, barack obama became the 44th president of the united states. the first of african-american heritage. and it was a busy year for the president. he reached out to the world's muslims in a speech in cairo on june 4. on august 6, president obama's pick for supreme court justice sonia sotomayor became the third female and the first hispanic to sit on the u.s. supreme court. on october, 14 president's approval rate fell below 50%. we have a.b. stodder, and charles cradock. it was quite a year for the president. charles? >> it began with this wonderful festival of inauguration day. where i think the pride people held across the country was near universal. electing the first african-american was a transcendcation of
was in the united states. >> bret: went on to say we'll do it better next time. that's the nation's top intelligence officer. high value detainee interrogation group. that's the hig. blare released minutes ago a statement saying that the hig is not fully operational yet. >> that makes it worse. this is absolutely stunning. the administration on day one literally a year ago today said the president signed an executive order against torture. and involved in that was establishing a way to interrogate important detainees. and that was establishing mid year this juliohigg. the oversight is provided in the white house. now, we learned now a half a year later that the hig isn't even in place and secondly what we just heard that it was only -- nobody had thought of what happens if you capture a terrorist in the united states. this apparatus involved hundreds, thousands of people and billions of dollars a year and not one of them said what happens if we capture a terrorist in the united states? this is absolutely unbelievable. the real scandal here is not that a guy with a bomb got on a plane. it can happen
, is not an aspirational terrorist cell but operational one that is a real and lethal threat to the united states. the president described the suspect in the case umar farouk abdulmutallab as a knowner theer r e er t known terrorist. one who never should have been aboard an airliner to the united states. the failure to protect was a problem and the aviation security measures he's strengthening wouldn't had been necessary if the intelligence communitied a done its job and in one respect he addressed how the intelligence community let him and the nation down. take a quick listen. >> we knew they sought to strike the united states and they were recruiting operatives to do so. the intelligence community did not aggressively follow up on and prioritize particular streams of intelligence related to a possible attack against the homeland. >> reporter: in that regard, the central intelligence agency just released a statement saying that the director of the c.i.a. leon panetta ordered that information gathered be disseminated more rapidly within 48 hours on extremist or suspected terrorist and the c.i.a.
of haiti. the united states got him back. so he's now back in charge. they're providing law and order. >> an irish digital is working to repair the communication system. the red cross seeing supplies exhausted and hoping to air lift another 40-tons of medical and surgical supplies, including 100 stretchers and 3,000 body bags. the world bank and imf pledged grants of 100 million. canada pledged up to 50 million. britain and australia, 10 million each. india and china, 1 million each. but it was already clear the haitian people are suffering in ways that money or medicine will never fix. >> i am a survivor. there are lots of dead everywhere. i would like to say to the people around the world that all of us in haiti are victims. >> white house press secretary robert gibbs emphasized that the haitian government, not the united states, is running haiti. and the white house confirmed also that in response to a request from president obama, his two immediate predecessors, bill clinton and george w. bush, will mount a relief effort similar to the one that mr. clinton and george herbert walke
they can travel and whether they can get into the united states? that seems kind of obvious to me. number two, i was surprised that there is no single database that tracks all specific high level threats against the united states. so on those levels it seems there was some shocking information today and, of course, brennan saying he didn't or the whole system, whole intelligence network didn't understand how sophisticated al-qaeda and the arabian peninsula was, a little bit of a shock. i can understand, it's a small group of people, about 100, 200 people and in a very poor country, the poorest country in the middle east and the thought was just not that sophisticated. again, a real wake-up call. but to me, the big surprise is some of the things that we had assumed were being done by our government had not been done. >> nina, when you have lee hamilton, a prominent democrat who is co-chair of the 9-11 commission saying, hey, listen, we knew al-qaeda in yemen was a problem a long time ago. fairly damning. >> i think it is. when john brennan today, he said we thought the threat was aspiratio
potential terrorists boarding commercial aircraft headed to the united states. bret? >> bret: major garrett live on the north lawn. thank you. if you were traveling out of the country anytime soon, you will notice changes, because of the attempted bombing a week-and-a-half ago. correspondent laura ingle report a lot of people are nevertheless on edge at the airport. >> just hours after the tsa announced the new security guidelines, a terrific scare at newark liberty national airport. when an unknown man slipped in the terminal through exit lane in security. airport officials locked down one of the the nation's busiest airports and were forced to rescreen every passenger inside terminal "c." the new tsa guidelines that went into effect at midnight sunday are changing a lot of routines for international travelers. passengers who have citizenship in countries, the state department considered state sponsors of terrorism like cuba and iran, and those deemed countries of interest such as afghanistan, iraq and pakistan will have to pass through enhanced screening before flying to the u.s. that mea
the president of the united states up against curt schilling and hope and change against the bloody sock. hard to predict redwood city >> bret: you mentioned curt schilling. people are saying the healthcare reform is at the heart of the race. candidates on both sides of the aisle say she is not exactly a great candidate. you mentioned curt schilling. take a look at this little exchange. >> if we weren't so close rudy giuliani wouldn't valuable information come in either. he is a yankee fan, i just want people to know. >> scot brown is curt schilling, okay. >> and another yankee fan? >> schilling? >> yes. >> curt schilling a yankee fan? >> i'm wrong. >> the fact that she called me a yankee fan probably bothers me more than anything. doesn't feel like she has a line into the people of the state. >> the campaign people said it was a joke that fell flat. >> it was not a joke that fell flat. she was clueless about it. if you want to get into things that are emblematic of the way that she has run her campaign and how in touch she is, this is one of many missteps she made along the way. i was struck
that some of the large institutions are not the most popular institutions in the united states right now. >> republicans were quick to criticize. virginia congressman eric canter saying, "the president's proposal will do nothing to help put americans back to work or help small businesses hire more workers." both cantor and nickels asked why it include nod reform for fannie mae and freddie mac. t some of the big banks that weathered the crisis, nickels, said, absorbed the failing banks and kept it from being worse. >> they were able to do that, provide instruments of stability in the midst of the storm. >> reporter: but some of those banks, too got billions in bail-outs and officials say that can't be repeated. >> so there is no too big to fail. resolution authority. when they mess up, they die. >> aides say all the president's economic advisors endorse the bank restrictions, though some reportedly including treasury secretary geithner aren't convinced that risky investing by banks as opposed to by the client caused the current recessirecession. they are convinced it could cause the next
in the united states who were treated as enemy combatants and then later tried for their crimes. so there is precedent for holding them that way. >> reporter: one month after the attempted bombing of flight 253, there is still no clear explanation from the administration as to why the 23-year-old nigerian suspect was sent to criminal court where he lawyered up and stopped talking. >> that decision was made by the justice department and the fbi with experienced fbi interrogators. but understand this, chris, make no mistake, abdulmutallab was interrogated and valuable intelligence was gotten as a result of that interrogation. >> reporter: but last week before the senate judiciary committee the fbi director said he was not in the loop. >> were you contacted about whether or not this individual should be treated as an unlawful enemy combatant? >> no. >> or a civilian criminal? >> no. >> reporter: there is still some confusion about when the suspect was charged. >> the decision to charge abdulmutallab as a criminal defendant and not treat him as enemy combatant. >> the charges didn't hap
the president. >> judges will ultimately order some of those guys released in the united states. because their rights have not been defined. their privileges have not been defined. >> imitation, they say is the inserest form of -- sincerest form of pl flatterflattery. bush should be somewhat flattered even if president obama didn't want it that way. major garrett, fox news. >> bret: join me this weekend for special, president obama in his own words. we look at what he said before he took office and what he says now. airing saturday and sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern time. tune in to watch chris wallace as well, white house press secretary robert gibbs and texas republican senator 911 nnin c ornyn on "fox news sunday." we look back for surge for conserv >> bret: in world news, afghanistan today outlawed the use of a fertilizer that is also used to make bombs. president karzai's office banned the use of use production storage purchase or sale of ammonium nitrate. nato-led forces have already been confiscating it and urging local farmers to use a different type of fertilizer. intelligence offi
will understand their plight. that the united states congress will understand what they're up against, what they're living through. >> republicans say if the president is in touch he will recognize recent g.o.p. upset victories and reverse the administration pursuit of the far left agenda policies. >> as you saw in massachusetts, it wasn't just healthcare, the increases in taxes, it was the cap and trade bill and the fact that the president continues to insist on bringing terrorist in the united states and providing them rights. the president has a lot to prove tonight. >> republicans have something to prove, too. their polls soared as the loyal opposition but the voters don't want abject obstructionism. already republican john mccain teamed up with the democratic kren rist evan bayh -- centrist evan bayh. and jeff sessions is planning a similar partnership with clair mccaskill. the g.o.p. leaders say they closed door one-party agenda should end. >> they need to come off the far left agenda which has been rejected by the american people and meet us in the middle. that is the way to get bipartisa
but in total he jected the address as mostly more of the same. >> the president of the united states came to the will of congress and after apparently offering a nod, to focussing on jobs. he renewed his embrace of the failed economic policies of this congress and this administration to date. >> the president doesn't appear to have listened to what the people in massachusetts said, what the people in new jersey, and virginia had to say in the elections last year. and decided to just double down on his job killing agenda. >> it's not just republicans who are saying that. the poll suggests a lot of independents and the swing democrats are increasingly angry and worried that the president and his agenda is off the rails, and that the democratic party doesn't get it. bret? >> carl, we'll follow it. thank you. the senate today passed a $1.9 trillion increase in the federal debt ceiling. all 60 democrats voted for it. all 40 republicans voted against it. the measure puts the government on track for a national debt of $14.3 trillion. about $45,000 for every single american. federal reserve chair
! [ cheering ] >> i thank the people of massachusetts for electing me as your next united states senator! [ cheering ] [ chanting ] [ applause ] >> everyday i hold this office i will give all that is in me to serve you well and make you proud. most of all, most of all, i will -- thank you. most of all, i will remember that while the honor is mine, this senate seat belongs to no one person, no one political party. as i said before, and you've heard it today and you will hear it loud and clear, this is the people's seat! [ cheering ] >> thank you very much. i spoke to senator paul kirk and he has completed his work as the senator. [ cheering ] [ chanting ] [ seat him now ] >> i spoke to senator kirk he was gracious he said he would help in the transition he welcomes me as soon as i can get there. i want to thank him from the bottom of my heart. i want to thank him very much the people as i -- as you know by their votes has fill the office and i'm ready to go to washington, without delay! [ applause ] >> i also want to thank martha coakley for her call of congratulations. a hard contest is
a majority of the united states senate. >> senator graham says this is the larger issue of criminalizing the war. in the case of the alleged christmas day bomber, graham says, shows the real problems that the administration created mirandizing the suspect and forfeiting future intelligence about a real-time threat to the u.s. >> i think the administration made a mistake that could bring the administration down. this is one issue where most people don't see the other side. >> reporter: when fox news crew sought comment about detention policy from the attorney general at a recent speaking event, the detail appeared to address the hotel staff to block us. >> you need to leave now. bye. >> reporter: reid winegartner has known him for 30 years. >> he's a justice department guy and believes to take the cases one at a time and see justice is done. i believe the criminal justice system is up to the task here. >> reporter: justice department spokesman would not comment on the growing pressure to move the trial to a military setting. instead fox was referred to the attorney general's testimony on
led to withdrawal of his visa to travel to the united states. that's where the failure occurred. you talk about the evolution, i think there's been a natural evolution as people come to understand. now that we see the puzzle completed, what was missed. that's what the president is upset about. he said we had the intelligence. he made it clear he thought all the pieces were on the table. but it was the case that these pieces were not put to get but the analysts. he didn't do it in a way to blame the c.i.a., he expressed regret over the loss of life in afghanistan. but the suggestion is that there has to be more accountability and the questions about the national center for terrorist activities, their job is to piece this to get. >> bret: the question i'm getting at is through the prism of if the bush administration said and done these things from the beginning and the evolution, what would we see with this story today? >> i don't think there's any question the same evolution was taking place during the bush administration in terms of changing policies and having to react to the terror
trials in the united states. new york republican peter king who spirited the effort to block trials in manhattan said he is opposed to any u.s. civilian trials. >> it's wrong as a matter of policy and wrong as a matter of law. also, i think it's unfair to impose the burden on any community. >> reporter: military charges against k.s.m. and co-conspirators was dismissed without prejudice a week ago and it could be reinstated if the administration abandon federal trials altogether. president obama is committed to federal proceedings and sources tell fox justice officials are eyeing venues in northern virginia or district of columbia. civil liberties group express dismay that guantanamo is under consideration. >> it would be unfortunate if the obama administration backs away from the decision to try those involved with the 9/11 attacks in military commissions, federal court have proven themselves tougher and more reliable in trying these cases than the military commissions. >> reporter: the new atmosphere of indecision rattled the justice department. to say the conversations at the whit
many people accept an alliance with the united states. >> for this local journalist i think it is best i answer in arabic. >> okay. what is he saying? do we have a translator here? [ laughter ] >> oh, deer. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this special report, fair balanced and unafraid. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc.
is in brazil. that of course has caused some consternation on the part of the united states. what do you think about the president of brazil entertaining ahmadinejad? >> i wish the president of brazil would put his foot down and tell ahmadinejad what we want to tell him. that it is unacceptable this madman regime to threaten israel, to wipe it off the face of the earth and to spew his hatred of america. i would hope that the president of brazil would forge even better relationships with france, with britain with america and start looking at joining us in the sanctions that we should be applying to iran. instead of just talking about the sanctions all these great ideas we have to not allow them to capitalize on favorable er to deals or continued imports of petroleum, refined products, but sanctioning this country until they start changing their behavior. i would like brazil to join in that >> how do you describe the president obama foreign policy direction, philosophy with president bush, what is the difference? >> i think it has been summed up for me, most clearly, when i hear people talk abou
district office unit and it thrust here into the media spot light and helped her be elected as district attorney the next year. we became the state's attorney general in 2006. >> the characteristics that we grew up with, pitching in, being part of the community, knowing we were responsible for what we did are the values that i have taken with me through my public life and in my personal life. >> her husband thomas is a retired cambridge police superintendent. they have no children. brown first ran for local office in his town in 1992. went to the state house of representatives and moved to the senate in 2004. he is also a member of the army national guard but has never been sent to a combat zone. >> as a lieutenant colonel and 30 year member in the army national guard i am one of the team that tries to help and defend our country. >> his wife gail huff is a boston television reporter. they have two college aged girls. one was a semi finalist on fox's "american idol." both now symbolize the issues of their parties but soon america will learn a lot more about the one who wins. i'm eric sh
Search Results 0 to 39 of about 40 (some duplicates have been removed)